I’ve submitted my Venture application.  How and when will I find out if I have been accepted?
Acceptance notifications are sent out within a week and a half of the application deadline.  All communication is made through your Trinity email account.   If you are accepted then we will send you a link so that you can confirm whether or not you will be able to come.

How many people do you accept into the Venture program?
Venture can accommodate no more than 40 students in each incoming class. We rely in large part on your responses to the questions in the application to help us make acceptance decisions.

Do I have to have any prior experience to be part of Venture?
No previous leadership experience is necessary

The Venture Program

What should I wear to the program?
The Venture dress code is business casual. This means dresses, skirts (appropriate length please) or dress pants and casual footwear (no flip flops).  For one activity you will need shorts/t-shirt and non-marking sneakers (white soles).

Is the dorm room I live in during Venture my “real” dorm room?
Yes!  The room you move into at the start of Venture is your dorm room.

Can I move into my dorm room a day in advance?
No, you cannot arrive early, before the start date of the program. Move-in is on Thursday, and we will have some students available to help you, starting in the early morning.

I will not be living on campus this fall. Can I stay on campus for Venture?
Yes!  Let us know about this at the time you reply to the Venture acceptance letter and we will arrange for you to stay on campus during Venture.

When will I say goodbye to my family?
There will be a brief reception in the late afternoon on Thursday for both participants and their families.  Then it will be time to say goodbye as our program gets underway.  The Venture program itself is for participants only.

After Venture Ends

Can I stay on campus after Venture ends?
If you wish to remain on campus following the conclusion of Venture on Saturday and before the start of New Student Orientation on Thursday then you must participate in another program that runs Monday – Wednesday:  either Fall athletic practice, Quest, or Bantam Beginnings.  International student orientation and P.R.I.D.E are weekend programs, and if you are in one of these two programs then you must also be part of one of the Bantam Beginnings pre-orientation programs if you intend to remain on campus afterwards.  For those returning home after Venture, the program will end at noon on Saturday and you are free to leave with your families at that time.

I’ve signed up for a pre-orientation program that starts on the Monday following Venture.  Where will I eat and what can I do over the weekend?
If you are not returning home and your next event is one of the Bantam Beginnings pre-orientation programs (i.e. not fall athletics, International student orientation, P.R.I.D.E., or Quest, which all have their own weekend programs) we will have informal activities scheduled over the weekend, led by our student Mentors.  Since your meal plan will not yet have started, Venture will continue to provide meals over the weekend.

Coordinating with other programs

Can I participate in Venture if I am on a fall athletic team?

Can I do both Venture and Quest?
Yes, you can participate in any of the 4-day Quest programs.  We will help you coordinate this.

I am an international student – what do I do about overlap between Venture and the orientation program for international students?
You will need to remain with the Venture program throughout the duration of Venture.  We coordinate with the International Program so that any events that you miss will be made up at a different time.

Venture during the academic year

Does Venture have any activities during the regular semester?
Yes.  The occasional dinner or study break keep Venture students in touch with one another throughout their first year.  Mentors may coordinate additional activities.

More about the program

Who Runs the Venture Program?
The Venture Organizing Team:  The Venture program is designed, organized, and run by a small, dedicated group of women faculty, administrators, and coaches with a diverse range of backgrounds and leadership experiences.

Student Leaders – Venture Mentors and Senior Mentors:  Every fall some of the previous year’s Venture participants are invited to return as mentors, and take on leadership responsibilities in running the program.  Mentors have the opportunity to return once again, as Senior Mentors, with additional responsibilities.  Mentors and Senior Mentors are an integral part of the program, helping each new class of Venture women begin their college careers.  Next year this might be you!

Who could I contact for more information?
Contact the Venture chair:
Sue Aber
VP for Information  Services and CIO