Student Study and Work Rooms

Note: During the pandemic, RLITC room availability changes. Our room reservation system lists all of our currently bookable study rooms. Questions about rooms for use as a classroom should be directed to the registrar.

When not reserved, group study rooms are available on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis for groups of two or more.

Reserve a Group Study Room 

  • Group Study Rooms (RLITC A35, 147, 181A, 215, 217, 311, 313) Located on Levels A, 1, 2, and 3. Designed to accommodate collaborative study and groups who wish to meet on an occasional basis in a location that provides easy access to Library resources.  Rooms A35, 147, 181A have large screen monitors. Each comfortably seats four to six people.
  • Media Group Study Rooms (RLITC 113, 116) On Level 1, designed to accommodate collaborative study  and small groups. Rooms are equipped with playback equipment and large screens for viewing.

Classrooms & Labs

  • Computing Labs (RLITC B02 & B03) These two classrooms are scheduled through EMS. When not used by classes, these rooms remain open for general student use.
  • Digital Scholarship Studio (RLITC 182)  Request a reservation through the EMS room reservation system.
  • Digital Scholarship Classroom (RLITC 181) and Blume Language and Culture Learning Center (RLITC 119) Scheduled through EMS.
  • Seminar Room (RLITC 103)  Comfortably seats 14. Scheduled through EMS.
  • Phelan Library Learning Center (RLITC A48) Located on Level A. This room is reserved for Library instruction classes.
  • Financial Research & Technology Center.(RLITC A02) Located in the 24-hour zone of the library, near the main entrance. The center hosts 11 Bloomberg Professional workstations, the industry leader in providing real-time and historical data for business and finance news, analytical tools and research. More information.

Meeting Rooms

  • Joslin Family 1823 Room (RLITC 206/207) Group lecture room with kitchenette and projection facilities accommodating up to 50 people. During the academic year this space is used as additional study space. The room can be reserved for special functions by the Library and IT staffs, the President’s Office, and Advancement.
  • Walton Room (RLITC 255) Meeting room seating 14-30. Primarily reserved for Library and ITS meetings.