Kaltura is a video streaming tool that allows students and faculty to create and share media content from anywhere and any device. It is accessible via Moodle or the Trinity College Media Portal. See our Introduction to Kaltura page for an overview of the various ways Kaltura can be used, from course viewing assignments to screencasts.

More tips on using Kaltura:

  • One way to grab short video clips is by using Kaltura Capture. Normally Kaltura Capture is used to load videos to Kaltura mediaspace or Moodle but it can be used to create screen captures to be used locally as well. To start login at https://trincoll.mediaspace.kaltura.com/ Click add new and start Kaltura Capture. If it is not […]
  • We have recently upgraded our Kaltura video streaming software to the latest auto-captioning tools. Now, you can take advantage of a simple on-screen editor, which lets you tweak your closed captions on the fly. Kaltura will also generate closed captions for media sources in a wide range of other languages: Arabic, Dutch, Cantonese, French, German, […]
  • Zoom allows users to store recordings of meetings or class sessions on their own device or in the Zoom cloud. While the Cloud provides convenient sharing options, it is not intended for permanent storage of recordings. Instead, Kaltura will serve as the long-term storage platform through an automatic backup process. Below we provide information on […]
  • Zoom provides space for short-term storage of recorded meetings and classes, but it should not be used as a permanent storage solution. Use the following methods to free up space on your Zoom account. Begin by logging in to your Zoom portal at trincoll.zoom.us. Choose “Sign in” then log in with your Trinity credentials, e.g. […]
  • Kaltura is designed as a streaming media platform, rather than a file sharing, or drop box system. However, there may be situations in which you want to make your video or audio recordings downloadable. This is possible in Kaltura, but requires a couple of extra steps. Note that you can only permit downloading of your […]


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