The liaison program fosters dialog and collaboration between the Library and the academic departments/programs of the College.  Librarians serving as liaisons are the primary contact for their group of faculty on any questions about the Library’s programs and services.  The liaison teams work with faculty on library instruction for their courses, assist with developing content resources, and keep faculty informed about new library initiatives.

​Department ​Liaison
American Studies Jeff Liszka
Anthropology Yoli Bergstrom-Lynch​
Art History Amanda Matava
Biochemistry Jennifer van Sickle
Biology Jennifer van Sickle
Chemistry Jennifer van Sickle
Classics Jeff Liszka
Computer Science Jennifer van Sickle
Economics Rob Walsh
Educational Studies Rob Walsh
Engineering Jennifer van Sickle
English Jeff Liszka
Environmental Sciences Jennifer van Sickle
History Jeff Liszka
​Human Rights Yoli Bergstrom-Lynch​
Interdisciplinary All
International Studies Yoli Bergstrom-Lynch
Jewish Studies Jeff Liszka
Language and Culture Studies Joelle Thomas
Mathematics Jennifer van Sickle
Music Amy Harrell
Neuroscience Jennifer van Sickle
Philosophy Christina Bleyer
Physics Jennifer van Sickle
Political Science Rob Walsh
Psychology Rob Walsh
Public Policy Yoli Bergstrom-Lynch​
Religion Jeff Liszka
Sociology Yoli Bergstrom-Lynch​
Studio Arts Amanda Matava
Theater & Dance Cait Kennedy
Urban Studies Yoli Bergstrom-Lynch​
Women, Gender, & Sexuality Joelle Thomas