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  • Retrieve Kaltura recordings Log in to “My Media” at and choose My Media from the upper right menu.  You will see a list of all the videos you have saved in Kaltura that you own. Under e…
  • An immersive experience can include a wide range of technologies including 360 images and video, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). There is considerable overlap in these definitions so we often use the terms Mixed Reality (MR) or eXtend…
  • Through January 31, 2022 the library is offering trial access to Stanford University Press ebooks hosted on the De Gruyter platform.  The trial contents can be browsed here and includes books on architecture, arts, economics, cultural studies, geosciences, history, religious studies, law, life sciences, linguistics, literary studies, medicine, philosophy, physics, and social sciences. Please send […]
  • In celebration of Open Access Week, please join the Library for a panel discussion on Open Access (OA) monographs, a publishing model that can help scholarship find a wider audience. While OA journals have been widely adopted by the academic publishing system, OA monographs are less common and have only recently found substantial support through initiatives such […]
  • With a generous donation from the Student Government Association the library is now able in some cases to purchase resources that will support junior or senior research projects. Examples of the types of resources we might be able to provide you: research database data set(s) digital archive Applying for help is simple. Just tell us […]

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