There are plenty of resources both on and off campus for our LGBTQ+ Community.

To make a referral for counseling or to file a complaint of discrimination, please use the following list.




Campus Safety Brian Heavren 2222
Dean of Students Joe DiChristina  2157
Ann Reuman  2154
John Selders  2158
Counseling Center Randy Lee  2413
Queer Resource Center Carrie Robinson  6273
 Women & Gender Resource Action Center Laura Lockwood  2408
​Monique Daley ​4131
Chaplain ​Allison Read ​2012
​Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion ​Anita Davis ​4251



  • Hartford Gay/Lesbian Health Collective:
    health services, HIV counseling, STD clinic;
    1841 Broad Street, (860) 278-4163


  • Chez Est: men & women; dancing; restaurant: 458 Wethersfield Ave., 523-3243
  • Tisane’s Tea and Coffee House: Tuesday nights (all men); Sunday nights (all women); bar/coffee house/restaurant/live music sometimes: 537 Farmington Avenue, Hartford; 523-5417.
  • Check out the weekly Hartford Advocate (available in Mather lobby) for more listings; or Metroline

Members of Trinity Community That Are Safe Space Trained:

Name E-mail Office Location
Abigail Ostrom Koeppel
Adam Clark Ferris
Aida Mancini Health Center
Alexandra Fischbein Austin Arts Center 228
Alison Catenacci Ferris 1st fl
Alison Draper Clement 107
Allison Read Chapel
Alyson Spurgas Seabury N-030
Amber Pietrycha Admissions
Andrew Concatelli Trinity Commons 258
Angela Paik Schaeffer Trinity Commons
Ann Reuman Mather 2nd Floor
Anne Parmenter Ferris 2nd FL
Avery Giorgio Ferris 1st fl
Beth Fitzgerald Advancement
Bill Delongis Ferris weightroom
Bonnie Wolters Trinity Commons 125
Brian Fay Ferris 1st fl
Brian Heavren Campus Safety
Brittany Grimm Ferris 2nd FL
Bryan Adamski Ferris 2nd FL
Caitlin Hitchcock Ferris 2nd FL
Carlos Vega Pool
Caroline Deveau Trinity Commons 261
Carson Kenney Trinity Commons
Chalynne Reed Study Away Office
Christopher Houlihan Chapel
Danielle S. Williams Trinity Commons 104
David Kingsley Trinity Commons
Denver Williams Ferris 2nd FL
Donna Tadiello Campus Safety
Elizabeth Morrison Ferris 3rd fl
Emily Merritt Career Development
Garth Adams 129 Allen Place
Geoffrey Rhatican Ferris 2nd FL
George Marshall Cook B-202
George Soitor Ferris 2nd FL
Geralyn Gherard Health Center
Gregory Cox Ferris weightroom
Hannah Hagy Ferris Pool
Hason Comert Williams Memorial 312
Heather Barney Ferris 2nd FL
Heather Hodge Career Development
Jake McBride Student
James Cosgrove Ferris 1st fl
James McLaren Chemistry
Jason Tarnow Ferris 2nd FL
Jeffrey Devanney Ferris 3rd fl
Jen Bowman Ferris 3rd fl
Jesse Riley Austin Arts Center 228A
Joan Murphy Cook B-102
Jody Goodman Dean of students
Joe DiChristina Dean of students
Joelle Thomas LITC A32
John Campbell Chapel
John Carroll Ferris 2nd FL
John Dlugosz Raether LITC 131
John Michael Mason Ferris 2nd FL
John Zall Ferris 1st fl
Julie Graves SAIL Office
Kaitlyn Gingras Q-Center MECC
Kara Anastasiou Health Center
Katharine Clair Admissions 101H
Kathryn Wojcik Career Development 101-J
Katie Kloeckener Ferris 3rd fl
Keith Maurice Koeppel
Keith McCants Admissions
Kelly Ann Oleksiw Trinity Commons 259
Kevin Macdermott Ferris 2nd FL
Kevin Mill Ferris 3rd fl
Kyle Fields Res. Life (RA)
Laura Lockwood Williams 230
Leo Schuchert Williams Memorial
Lisa Matias N/A
Lori Clapis Accesibility Resources
Lori Shulman Ferris 1st fl
Lydia Caputi Ferris 1st fl
Lynsey Majka Ferris 1st fl
Maggie Crowe Ferris 3rd fl
Maritza Ubides Austin Arts Center 313
Mark Melnitsky Ferris 3rd fl
Marques Gales Ferris 2nd Fl
Martha Maniscalco Health Center
Martha Risser Seabury T-208
Meredith Friedman Res Life
Michael Goulet Ferris 2nd FL
Michael Hassett Campus Safety
Michelle Deluse Trinity Commons 129
Michelle Kovarik Clement 129
Molly Thoms Chapel
Nancy Fleming MECC 307
Noah Weber Hamlin 301
Patricia Moody Williaams 231
Patricia Sokoloski Ferris 1st fl
Richard Pettit Koeppel
Rick Penders Ferris 3rd fl
Rob Lukaskiewicz Dean of students
Robert Devito Campus Safety
Romulus Perez SAIL 100
Rosangelica Rodriguez B&G Community Service Office
Sarah Lucas Mather Hall 106
Sarah Williams Ferris 1st fl
Scott Heisler Ferris 2nd FL
Scott Munroe Koeppel
sean Donnelly LITC 124
Sonya Adams Trinity Commons 265
Stefanie Wong McCook 312
Stephanie Taylor Health Center
Steven Heshemi Ferris 3rd fl
Susan Salisbury Cook C-406
Tennyson O’Donnell 115 Vernon St #215
Timothy Mayo Ferris 2nd FL
T’Kai Howard Counseling Center
Tom Szymanski Ferris 3rd fl
Tricia Raiti Career Development
Wendy Bartlett Ferris 3rd fl