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High-Achieving Students

​It’s About Access


Scholarships give students access to a life-changing educational experience on the Long Walk. At Trinity, we aspire to keep the College within reach of all talented students, regardless of their financial circumstances. Following are profiles of just such individuals—a small representation of the 875 scholarship students who demonstrate every day why they are so worthy of support from the College and the alumni who invest in financial aid.

​Peter Ganem ’15, Torrington, Connecticut

Hoffman Scholar

Major: public policy and law

Trinity Writing Center tutor; resident assistant; mentor at McDonough Expeditionary Learning School; intern at Hartford law firm; volunteer for Community Kitchen Project; Student Government Association

“I never expected to be able to attend such an incredible liberal arts school. With the support of donors, I have been working to realize my potential at Trinity. Every professor I’ve had has gone above and beyond to make sure my time here is well spent.”​


George Denkey ’15, Hartford, Connecticut
Merin Hartford Scholar
Intended majors: political science and urban studies

Trinity Model Congress team; Interfaith House member; valedictorian, Law and Government Academy at Hartford Public High School; immigrated to the United States from Togo, West Africa

“Throughout my childhood, it was my dream, and my family’s dream as well, that I would attend an institution of higher education ... At Trinity, I have been able to grow, connect with some wonderful people, and truly understand what my purpose is and where I am headed.”



Madison Starr ’16, Chevy Chase, Maryland
Summit Scholar
Majors: American studies and French

Student Communications Advisory Council member; varsity ice hockey team; annual Do it Day volunteer; Hillel member; summer internships in Washington, D.C. with a political action committee and with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

“If it weren’t for my scholarship, my family could not have afforded to send me to Trinity. ‘Thank you’ isn’t enough to describe our gratitude.”



William “Mac” McCarthy ’14, Winchester, Massachusetts
Presidential Scholar
Majors: chemistry and Russian

Student Admissions Associate; varsity swim team; Summer Science Research Program; Accidentals (a cappella); study abroad in Moscow, Russia

“The Presidential Scholarship meant everything to me. Especially in light of the recent student loans debate, having a loan-free education has opened up the possibility for so many opportunities after college.”



Nicole Sagullo ’14, Austin, Texas
QuestBridge Scholar
Majors: educational studies and psychology

Musical director for the Dischords (a cappella); resident assistant; volunteer coordinator for Peter’s Retreat; Trinity College Chapel Singers, vice president; Summer Science Research Program; Vernon Social Programming Board; Psychology Club, public relations

“In addition to study and research, I volunteer and teach in the community, run an a cappella group and work as a resident assistant. Trinity has given me opportunities I never imagined possible, including visiting six different countries through study abroad. This scholarship has changed my life.”


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