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A robust library is at the heart of any serious academic enterprise. Endowed funds will ensure that the Raether Library, which holds well over one million volumes and provides a wealth of online information through state-of-the-art technologies, will keep pace with the exponential growth of new information.

Excellence in teaching is the sine qua non for institutions like Trinity. Faculty research complements and supports good teaching, bringing currency to each academic discipline.

Equally compelling, the College must find new ways to engage students. Their academic experience must now include technology-enhanced lectures and lab experiments; out-of-classroom activities; research; internships; leadership programs; and guest-speaker programs, among others.

​Professor Cheryl Greenberg

greenburg_thb_125x150.jpgProfessor Cheryl Greenberg is the Paul E. Raether Distinguished Professor of History. She has taught at Trinity since 1986 and holds a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University as well as two master’s degrees and a Ph.D. from Columbia University. 

 “Trinity provides true give-and-take relationships that show students that we are invested in them, we encourage them to disagree with us, and we offer them unique opportunities to learn from each other and from the community around them.  

Being an effective teacher also means being an engaged researcher. Not only can we bring the newest information and trends in our fields to our students, we can also model for them the intellectual skills we are teaching.

Small classes, interactive discussions, alternative residences, more scholarship students, research, intensive experiential programs, opportunities to go out and see the world – it all leads to greater engagement and to truly transformative experiences.”

~ Cheryl Greenberg  

Endowed support from donors gives Trinity the financial flexibility to say ‘yes’ more often to these unique academic opportunities. New resources will strengthen Trinity’s most valued programs and encourage ideas that challenge and inspire our students. Ideally, one day, every academic program will have an endowment fund to assure its strength and stability. 

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