Career Development

In 2008, Trinity College recognized the need to help its graduates become better prepared to compete in the marketplace. We set a long-term goal to raise $10 million to endow the Career Development Center (CDC) and a shorter-term goal to close an annual $200,000 budget gap. These funds will enable the College to make a meaningful investment in our students’ future and will bring Trinity’s career counseling programs more in line with peer schools

In addition to better advising and more vigorous efforts to attract employers, Trinity is looking to enhance its relationships with accomplished alumni and parent professionals.

A realigned and refocused Career Development Center is leading this effort. Today, the CDC is the go-to organization for one-on-one career advising, innovative programming, internships, recruiting events, and outreach to employers and alumni.

Giving and Recognition Opportunities

Meeting the $10 million fundraising goal to endow the Career Development Center is a long-term challenge that will ensure its future strength and reduce its reliance on the College’s operating budget. Until that goal is reached, the annual CDC budget gap of $200,000 is the focus of related short- and long-term fundraising efforts. Closing the $200,000 gap means that the CDC will be able to continue to increase the quality of services and programs offered to our students.

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