Endowment Report 2017-2018

The college is committed to providing annual reporting of the financial activity 
of its over 1,000 endowment and individual funds. Income from the endowment comprised 18 percent of the college's operating budget, supporting priorities such as student financial aid, faculty support, academic and student life programs. 
In addition to the department updates for the 2017-2018 fiscal year, I am pleased to share  the information on these pages from Trinity’s Treasurer’s  Office related to the investment of the college’s endowed funds and overall performance of
the endowment. 

Generations of donors help to sustain Trinity’s financial strength and create
a meaningful philanthropic legacy.  With these investments, the endowment is able to provide the college with long-term financial strength and resilience, ensuring sufficient resources for our students and faculty to thrive and achieve their academic and professional goals.  The impact of gifts to the endowment can be seen in all areas of the college -- improvements to our physical plant, groundbreaking research, benefiting the public good in our community and beyond,
and the pursuit of innovations that change lives.

I am personally grateful to all of the college’s endowment donors, past and present,
who have established a permanent and lasting legacy of support. Through your
generous philanthropy,  you play an important part in shaping Trinity’s future.


Michael T. Casey
Vice President for College Advancement