Personal Property and Real Estate

Gifts-in-kind are non-cash contributions of materials or long-lived assets that serve the purposes of the College by providing tangible property that can be put to use or can be sold to provide funding for College priorities.  Examples of recent gifts-in-kind are an 18th-century portrait painting which supports art history research, a 1931 Golden Cockerel Press edition of the Four Gospels of the Lord Jesus Christ which enhances the Watkinson Library's collection of private press books, and a fully restored wooden-hulled 1930 Crouch-designed power runabout boat which will be sold to support the establishment of an endowed scholarship fund.  Consultation with a Leadership Giving staff member will help the donor determine the appropriateness of a gift-in-kind.

Gifts of real estate, although sometimes complicated, can be beneficial to Trinity.  The College will evaluate gifts of real estate, giving deliberate consideration to issues such as environmental concerns, hazardous waste, retained life interest, use or marketability, and maintenance.  Please contact the Linda Minoff in the Office of Planned Giving for additional information.

Other Kinds of Assets

Assets such as stock options, pension plans, copyrights, life insurance policies, and royalties may be appropriate gifts to Trinity. To determine whether such a gift is possible, contact the Linda Minoff in the  Office of Planned Giving.