Impact Challenge

Thank you, Impact Challenge donors—with your help, we successfully achieved our goal! You helped raise $625,000 in new and increased gifts during June, thereby securing an additional $625,000 for Trinity from our challengers.  You’re making a significant impact at Trinity through your gift!.

Where do you have impact in your life? 

Impact—real impact—can define you.


It’s where you make a difference.

If we can raise $625,000 by June 30 in new or increased gifts to the Trinity College Fund, another $625,000 will come to the College thanks to a select group of trustee challengers. Suddenly—bright young lives are changed for the better by your support.

Giving is a way of keeping your voice alive on campus—of making sure that you have a continued presence here—of having an impact.  Please make your gift today.

Here are a few examples of how your Trinity College Fund gift makes an impact:

  • You celebrate a favorite professor.  Your gift helps support faculty members in their passionate pursuit of the best education and preparation for every student who travels the Long Walk.

  • You cheer the teams.  What better way to help write the story of Trinity’s continued and extraordinary success of its athletic teams than with a solid investment in their future?

  • You open doors.  Trinity’s breadth of academic offerings, centers of learning, and study-abroad programs would not exist without the generosity of alumni and parents.

  • You make it possible.  Your gift provides financial aid for talented students.

  • You raise the curtain.  The richness of theater, music, art on campus, and other creative endeavors is only made richer by your support of the Trinity College Fund.

  • You ready students for the 21st century.   Your gift will help us prepare students for their first internships. It will provide job-interview training for seniors pursuing their first “real job.”