Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do as a first-year financial aid recipient?

1. Upon receiving your financial aid package, you need to access AcademicWorks, our scholarship management program, at:

2. Sign in using your Trinity e-mail credentials and click on the General Application tab.

3. Respond to each question thoroughly and sincerely to tell us about your activites, accomplishments, and goals. Be sure to answer 'yes' to the released of information question.

4. If you are matched to a scholarship, you will receive an offer e-mail from us in the fall. You will then need to go back to AcademicWorks and accept the offer. Details about the scholarship and your donor will be included in the e-mail. 

I was just notified that I was named to a scholarship. Do I receive additional money?

No. Your scholarship replaces a portion of your awarded Trinity grant amount and has already been accounted for in your financial aid package. 

What is a named endowment scholarship?

A named endowment scholarship is established by a donor or donors and is meant to provide financial aid to deserving students at Trinity. Funds are invested with the College's endowment and will be awarded in perpetuity, spending only the interest accrued in a given year — not the principal. When you are selected to a named scholarship, you have the opportunity to network with other scholarship recipients, as well as create a relationship with your scholarship donor.

Why was I selected as a named endowment scholarship recipient?

Named scholarships can be need-based or merit-based. Donors have given these funds to the College to support deserving students with outstanding academic, service, and other achievements. You were selected as a recipient of your particular scholarship because you have qualified for financial aid and have demonstrated a consistent record of achievement in academics, service or other areas. You have also met the criteria set by the donor for your fund (e.x. major, geographic area, specific affiliations, etc.)

What is expected of me as a scholarship recipient ?

Each academic year, when you receive our e-mail through academicworks notifying you of your scholarship selection, you must log into your academicworks profile and complete your post acceptance survey so we can provide your most current information to your donor. You also need to write a thank-you letter to your donor(s) telling them a bit about yourself, your classes, activities, interests, etc. and expressing gratitude for their generosity. 

Additionally, we host an annual scholarship reception in the spring semester. You and your parents will be invited, as well as your scholarship donor(s). We ask that you RSVP upon receiving your invitation, and make every effort to attend and connect with other scholarship recipients, even if your donor is unable to attend. This is also an opportunity for you to meet other scholarship donors and benefit from hearing their insights about their time at Trinity and their professional experiences. 

Do you have any resources available to help me write my thank-you letter?

Yes, you can refer to these letter-writing guidelines for help writing and formatting your letter. You can send your completed letter to Donor Relations through the AcademicWorks website or send it directly by e-mail to  or send it to Amanda's attention, office 225 in Trinity Commons.

Am I allowed to contact my donor or donors separately?

All correspondence to your donor is managed through the Office of Donor Relations. However, in certain circumstances when scholarship recipients develop a close bond with their donors, those donors may volunteer their personal contact information to their students.

Can I put this on my résumé?

Yes. To be selected for a named scholarship is an honor. The College selects the most deserving students to be matched to a named scholarship.

Will my qualifications be reviewed every year to be eligible for even need-based scholarships?

Yes, if certain parameters of your academic status change (ex. Your major or geographic location) you may be considered ineligible for specific scholarships, but could be moved to another, based on the qualifications. We also review your financial need each year should your status change. Even if you are no longer eligible for a particular scholarship, you will still receive the amount of financial aid for which you qualify.

If I have any questions about the scholarship program, whom should I contact?

You can contact Amanda Buhrer, Assistant Director of Stewardship Programs, at 860-297-2316 or