The class of 2023 will take the following six courses to complete the Humanities Gateway program.

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Fall 2019

Humanities Gateway I: Ancient Texts and Western Traditions 

Philosophical Themes in Western Culture (HMTS 111)

The Biblical Tradition (HMTS 113)

Professor Shane Ewegen (Philosophy) and Professor Gabe Hornung (Religion) will be introducing students to some of the most foundational texts of the western tradition. “Philosophical Themes” will focus on some of the most important philosophers in the Western tradition. “The Biblical Tradition” will focus on the Biblical world from the emergence of Israel as a nation up through the beginnings of Christianity.

Spring 2020

Humanities Gateway II: The Intellectual and Cultural Foundations of Europe

European History I (HMTS 122)

European Literature I (HMTS 121)

Along with guest lecturers who also focus on medieval and renaissance studies, Professors Sean Cocco (History) and Sheila Fisher (English) will provide students with insight into the formation of European history and culture. How did medieval and early modern Europe build self-consciously upon the foundations of classical antiquity (especially upon the literary and interpretive traditions traced out in the Gateway’s fall semester)? What other political, social, technological, and intellectual factors helped to shape European culture up through the 18th century? These two courses will address key developments, such as the formation of the medieval and early modern state, the evolution of vernacular literary traditions, and the energies of scientific and global expansion that inspired profound shifts in conceptions of both self and world.

Looking Ahead to Fall 2020

Humanities Gateway III: Modern Europe and the World

Modern European Literature and History

The culminating semester of the Humanities Gateway will focus upon the history and literature of modernity in a European context.