The Exempt Staff Council has representation on the following campus committees. Please feel free to contact the ESC with your ideas and concerns.

Benefits Committee
Joelle Thomas or Carrie Robinson

Planning & Budget Council
Angie Wolf or John Michael Mason

Wellness Committee
Open to all: Bonnie Wolters or John Michael Mason

Facilities Committee
Kyle Smith

Liaison to Non-Exempt Staff Council
Thalia Giraldo

In addition to these campus committees, the Exempt Staff Council has various subcommittees that meet on a regular basis which are open to any exempt staff member. Contact the chair of the committee you’d like to participate in for more information.  They are as follows:

Communications Subcommittee
Chair: Brian Flynn
Members: Andrew Concatelli, Bonnie Wolters

Employee Recognition & Engagement Subcommittee
Chair: Dave Tatem
Members: Brian Flynn, Bonnie Wolters, Angie Wolf

Events Subcommittee
Co-Chairs: Bonnie Wolters, John Michael Mason
Members: Laura Boucher, Carrie Robinson, Katie Clair

Professional Development Subcommittee
Chair: Angie Wolf
Members: Thalia Giraldo, Jess German, Dave Tatem, Winnie Maloney, Carrie Robinson

Racial Equity Subcommittee
Chair: Kyle Smith
Members: Thalia Giraldo, Jess German, Dave Tatem, Angie Wolf, Winnie Maloney, Carrie Robinson