The Center for Teaching and Learning announces a final round of Mellon Inclusive Teaching and Advising Grants.  These grants support groups of faculty collaborators who wish to undertake a yearlong examination of pedagogical practices that foster equity in the learning environment.  A one-page application is due December 15th, 2020. 

Specifically, these grants are intended to help faculty identify impediments to student learning and implement strategies that will improve learning outcomes.  In this final round, applicants especially are encouraged to support the college’s efforts to end systemic racism.  Potential areas of investigation include lessening bias (racial, class, gender and heteronormative) in the classroom and in course content, developing antiracist teaching, addressing systemic inequities in the classroom or on campus, fostering diversity in faculty hiring, maintaining best practices for advising, applying universal design, and responding to the characteristics of a changing student body.  Faculty from a particular division, or faculty who teach introductory level classes—such as first-year seminars—could address impediments to student learning that arise from the structure and content of their courses.  Another group might be interested in conducting interviews, surveys, and focus group studies of students in order to learn how to challenge racism in the classroom.  Departments or programs that aim to diversify their hiring could self-study and develop a set of strategies for attracting a diverse group of candidates. Collaboration groups must be composed of two to four continuing faculty. These faculty groups can represent one or more departments and programs. Each team member will receive a stipend of $1,500, paid out in two phases.  Participants receive $500 upon completion of Phase I: Discovery and Plan (March 12, 2021).  Participants receive the remaining $1000 upon completion of both Phase II: Implementation of Action Plan (August 27, 2021) and Phase III: Sharing and Reflection (December 3, 2021).     

Please see a fuller description of the grant by clicking here. This funding is made possible by the generous support of the Mellon Foundation. Dina Anselmi ( and Michelle Kovarik ( are happy to answer any questions and provide any guidance as you consider submitting a proposal.