To empower students and graduates to be active agents in designing their careers and to use their liberal arts education to adapt to and transform the future of work.


Career Development prepares students to search for, apply to, engage in, and reflect on experiential learning opportunities, post-graduate employment, and graduate education through high-quality career coaching services, program implementation, resource development, and curriculum integration. Career Development fosters relationships with employers and alumni to cultivate internship and job postings, employer visits, and networking opportunities for students and alumni.

Guiding Principles

  • Adaptive. We customize our approach to the needs of our various constituents—students, parents, staff, faculty, employers, and alumni—and stay abreast of trends in career readiness and employment to inform office practices.
  • Collaborative. We will develop and manage mutually beneficial and proactive partnerships with campus allies—academic departments, student affairs offices, and student organizations. We leverage access to our vast network of alumni, parents, employers, and friends of Trinity to create opportunities and facilitate introductions for students.
  • Inclusive. We actively engage in inclusive practices to ensure our services are accessible and meet the needs of all of our students and constituents. We seek to cultivate an environment that is friendly and welcoming to all.
  • Innovative. We regularly explore new approaches, encourage failing forward, and questioning best practices to shape the future of career development.
  • Intentional. We regularly assess our services through qualitative and quantitative measures to ensure our practices are effective, improve positive outcomes, and are aligned with Trinity’s mission.
  • Transformative. We strive to be thought leaders who are actively supporting Trinity’s mission by encouraging meaningful approaches to career development and encouraging students to pursue purpose-driven work.