Campus Resources

Office of International Students and Scholars: An on-campus resource to provide support for International Students and related concerns.

Multicultural Affairs Office: An office dedicated to the incorporation of diversity and multiculturalism within all aspects of the Trinity College community.

Counseling and Wellness Center: A free, on-campus safe space to voice mental health and wellness concerns with a professional counselor.

Dean of Students Office: An office equipped to provide students with general counseling and academic advising.


Job Search Resources & Search Engines

Interstride: Whether you are searching for an internship for CPT or a full-time position for OPT, Interstride targets companies with a history of selecting international students.

MyVisaJobs: Search Employer Database: An employer search engine that allows the student to find H1-B employers within their field of interest.

CareerJet Worldwide: Simple job search engine with a “worldwide” option to explore international positions.

DevNet Jobs: Job search engine that allows registered users to search for international positions.

To Note: This resource requires a membership.

GlobalJobs: Job search engine that posts globally-relevant positions non-profit and government positions in both the U.S. and abroad.

CTurtle: A job board and networking group offering positions in Asia for bilingual international students.


Discrimination and Legal Resources

OCR:  The Office of Civil Rights: Website hosted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that hosts information on and enforces one’s civil rights regarding a large index of topics.

Find Law: National Origin Discrimination: Provides an overview of how workplace national origin-based discrimination is legally defined.

Department of Labor: Immigration: Webpage compilation of laws pertaining to immigrant discrimination.


Additional Resources

International Student Careers: Provides workshops, courses, and webinars tailored to international students and their job search.

Working in the U.S. as an International Student: An informative webpage and video located that addresses the forms international students will need to pursue employment in the U.S.

Importance of Networking for International Students in the U.S.: A blog piece about different ways that international students can network.

ISO: International Student Organization: An online platform that hosts scholarships, articles, and information about American culture for international students in the U.S.



Career & Life Design Center

Cornelia Center (114 Vernon Street)
Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. EST