Faculty & Staff Registration

TrinALERT receives the following employee contact fields from PeopleSoft:

  • ​Urgent Phone- Text (cell phone capable of receiving text messages-SMS)
  • Urgent Phone- Voice (an alternate number to which voice messages are sent)
  • Office extension
  • Home phone number
  • Trinity email address
  • Urgent email address

  1. ​Log-in to PeopleSoft at http://ps.trincoll.edu using your Trinity username (preceded by cmpcntr\ ) and password. Example username: cmpcntr\jdoe
  2. ​Click the Self Service link on the left side of the page.
  3. Click the Personal Information link.
  4. Click the Phone Numbers link.

    **All phone numbers must be exactly 10 digits without spaces or special characters.**
      ​ ​
  5. Click the Add a Phone Number button.
  6. Choose "*Urgent Phone-TEXT" from the Phone Type drop-down.
  7. Enter your cell phone number (to receive text and voice messages)
  8. Click the Add a Phone Number button.
  9. Choose "*Urgent Phone-VOICE" from the Phone Type drop-down.
  10. Enter the landline phone you would like Voice Messages to be sent to.  Note: your office line and home phone number as they exist in PeopleSoft are already added to the Alert System.
  11. Click the Save button.
  12. Click the Email Addresses link.
  13. Click the Add an Email Address button.
  14. Choose "*Urgent Email Addr1" from the Email Type drop-down.
  15. Enter the email address you would like urgent messages sent to.
  16. Click the Save button.
  17. Click the Sign Out link at the top right of the page.
  18. Close all browser windows to protect your account.

Twitter Alerts
You can also sign-up to receive alerts via Twitter:
  • ​Have a Twitter account? Follow @TrinityALERT.  Don't forget to turn on SMS notifications​ to receive alerts to your phone.
  • Don't want to create a Twitter account?  Just text "follow TrinityALERT" to40404 from your cell phone.  Need help? ​​
Technical Issues?
Contact the Information Technology Services Help Desk at 860-297-2100.

General Questions?
Contact the ITS Help Desk​.