New Outdoor Kiosks

New Outdoor Kiosks: Information by Day, Campus Safety Station by Night

October 10, 2014—This month, Trinity is installing four outdoor kiosks to make it easier for visitors to find their way around campus and to provide an increased Campus Safety presence at night. The kiosks are expected to be completed before the arrival of large crowds for Family Weekend and Inauguration events October 23-26. Each of the kiosks is designed with a stone or brick base in keeping with campus architecture.

The kiosk locations will be:

  • On Vernon Street near the intersection with Summit Street
  • On Summit Street near Fuller Arch at Northam Towers
  • On Summit Street in front of the Summit Suites South residence hall
  • On the lower Long Walk, near the Raether Library and Information Technology Center, overlooking the baseball and softball fields

“The kiosks will be an additional asset for Campus Safety to serve the campus community and visitors,” said Director of Campus Safety Francisco Ortiz. “They will enhance Campus Safety’s ability to have a presence during night-time hours.” Typically, during the day, the kiosks will not be staffed, said Ortiz, although they will be staffed for campus-wide events such as Move-In Day, Family Weekend, Homecoming, and Commencement. During times when they are not staffed by a Campus Safety officer, the kiosks will serve as information stations where visitors can pick up a campus map and event schedules. Additionally, at any hour of the day, members of the community can use the call box located adjacent to or very near each kiosk in order to reach Campus Safety headquarters to request information or call for help.

Since Trinity does not have a single, primary entrance to the campus, the kiosks on Summit Street were positioned where visitors are most likely to enter campus via car, said Ortiz.  The Lower Long Walk location was selected as a high-traffic pedestrian route. In addition, it has been Campus Safety’s practice for the past several years to post an officer in a vehicle at this location during night-time hours. Posting an officer in the Lower Long Walk kiosk will free up a Campus Safety vehicle for use elsewhere on campus while maintaining that post and keeping the Lower Long Walk pedestrian-friendly.