The Bantam Network brings together members of our campus community.  All students belong to one of the ten Nests, where they take classes together and discuss everything from YouTube to the mechanical enginering.

Many professors teach first-year seminars, which serve as the foundation for the Nests.  All incoming students are assigned a first-year seminar and a Nest.  You’ll live with members of your seminar and other seminars in your Nest.  Within each Nest, there is a team of administrators, faculity, and peer mentors to create a support network for each student, aiding their transition to Trinity and throughout their experience here.

Popular Programs
The majority of programs are open to all members of the Nest, but students are generally more involved in their own Nests.

Downtown Fridays:
Once classes finish on Friday, students and the TRINsition Fellows head into downtown Hartford.  Downtown Fridays showcase the diverse cultural, culinary, and entertainment attractions Hartford has to offer.