Becoming a Resident Advisor

Resident Advisors (RA’s) play an integral role at Trinity, as leaders and mentors who build community, foster inclusivity, and promote the welfare of their residents. As role-models, the RA position enables personal and professional development unavailable in any other campus job.


Head Resident Advisors

Head Residents Advisors (HRAs) are directly supervised by the Residential Learning Coordinators (RLCs) and have various administrative, programmatic, and supervisory responsibilities. The HRA promotes learning outside of the classroom, through planned programs and on-going interactions with their residents. The community they foster should be conducive to maximum academic, personal, and social development, and should reflect the mission of the Office of the Bantam Network Residential Learning Community. Moreover, HRA’s are responsible for the supervision of RA’s within their respective area and are expected to provide continuous support to their team throughout the academic year.

Only returning RA’s can apply for this position.

Resident Advisors

Resident Advisors are directly supervised by the RLC in their area and are responsible for the residence hall they are assigned to. An RA’s responsibilities will vary depending on the unique needs of their residence hall, but all RA’s are expected to establish relationships with their residents, build community, and support the mission of the Bantam Network Residential Learning Community.

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Minimum Qualifications: Applicants must have full-time enrollment status at the college, a sophomore class standing by their date of employment, and be in good academic and disciplinary standing. RA’s and HRA’s must also maintain a Grade Point Average of 3.0 or better.

Terms of Employment: The student staff must adhere to all policies of the college.


Resident Advisors are required to participate in trainings and workshops throughout the academic year. This enables the student staff to be more effective in their roles, to positively contribute to the community, and, more personally, to experience professional development during their undergraduate careers. Upon acceptance of an offer of employment, a complete list of dates of trainings and workshops will be provided. That being said, typical training timeframes include the following:

  • In-Services/Professional Development (1 per month)
  • Fall Training (August, approximately two and a half weeks before opening)
  • January Training (January, typically one week before opening)

Are you interested in becoming an RA?

  • Review the job description and application requirements carefully, to familiarize yourself with the position and its’ requirements
  • Speak with your Resident Advisor about the responsibilities and requirements of the role and ask if you can accompany them while they are on duty
  • Prepare for your interview by reflecting on why and how you can be a leader and mentor in this community
  • Ask your RLC questions!
  • Dress professionally for your interview
  • Most importantly, BE YOURSELF! The main purpose of the interview is to communicate to the Bantam Network Residential Learning Community staff who you are and how you would contribute to Trinity’s community as a Residential Advisor


  1. Complete the online application.
  2. Submit additional materials as requested
  • Cover Letter: Your cover letter should describe why you want to be an RA, what relevant skills and abilities you possess, and what community you want to be a leader in and why. We advise all applicants to read the job description before writing their cover letter and to use it as a guide when considering how their talents could contribute to our student staff and the community at large. While your preferences are important to us, ultimately we decide what residence hall you are placed into and your acceptance of the position is contingent upon you working in the residence hall we assign you to. If you need assistance in writing your cover letter, we recommend scheduling an appointment with the Career Development Center.
  • Resume: Your resume should list previous academic and professional experience that you feel is relevant to the RA position, e.g. teaching, counseling, advising, volunteering, collaborative initiatives, etc. If you need assistance writing your resume, we recommend scheduling an appointment with the Career Development Center.
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • References: Each candidate must have three recommendations, unless instructed otherwise. One reference must be completed by a non-student employee of Trinity College (faculty, staff, etc.). The second reference should be from a student leader at Trinity College. The last reference should be from someone who can speak to your work ethic and who has worked with you professionally, e.g., through an internship or volunteer work, or as a co-worker. The individuals who serve as your reference must complete the form no later than the application deadline. It is your responsibility to ensure that all of your references are submitted on time. Click Here for the Reference Form