Find out more about the different housing options available here at Trinity!

First-Year Housing Options

All first-year students are housed with other first-year students in one of seven residence halls. We provide you with the basics —including a bed, desk, and dresser — and invite you to make your room a comfortable refuge and extension of your personality.

Elton consists mostly of 2-room doubles, but also contains a few singles and quads. Community bathrooms are located in the halls. The building has one study lounge, recently renovated.

Jackson consists of singles and single bedroom quads. The building is connected by bridge/lounge areas to both Wheaton and Smith.

Jones consists of one-room doubles and a few singles. The building is located on the south side of the campus in the vicinity of Mather and McCook. This building houses a community lounge, complete with a big screen TV, vending machines, and a kitchenette.

North Campus contains 1-room doubles and limited singles. The community bathrooms and lounges are scattered throughout the long hallways.

Smith consists of a first-year hall containing multi-room quads. The building is connected by bridge/lounge areas to Jackson. There is a big-screen TV located in the Jackson/Smith bridge lounge.

Wheaton consists of singles and quads with individual bedrooms and a common room. The building is connected to Jackson via a bridge lounge. A part of the first floor houses the Health Center.

Funston consists of singles and quads with 4 separate bedrooms and a common room. The community bathrooms are located in the hallways and there is a lounge on each floor. The building is located on the south side of campus close to Summit Street.

Upper-year Housing Options

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors can choose their residence hall through a housing lottery held every spring. Seniors choose first, then juniors and sophomores. Upper-year students can also apply to live off campus in neighboring apartment buildings and houses.

Vernon Street Area

Vernon Place consists of singles and 4-bedroom suites. The suites have a common room, but not a private bathroom. There are two community bathrooms on each floor, male and female. Vernon Place has a lounge on each floor which is shared by all residents. The bathrooms are handicap accessible.

High Rise consists of 4-bedroom suites. Each suite has a private bathroom and a common area. There is a community room on the first floor and this hall has elevators.

Hansen Hall consists of singles and 4-bedroom suites. Each suite has a common room, but the bathrooms are community bathrooms located outside the suites. This hall is handicap accessible.

Long Walk Area

Northam consists mostly of two- room doubles. Two doubles on the first floor are one room doubles. The bathrooms are community baths located outside the bedrooms. The first and third floors are male only. The second and fourth floors are female only.

Jarvis consists of towers A – F. There are 6 person and 8 person suites. The suites are a mix of singles and one room doubles. Some of the suites will be reserved for all male and all female, but the majority will be considered coed. In addition to the bedrooms, each suite has a common room and two bathrooms (towers B – E). Suites in Towers A and F are all 8 person suites with a common room, study, and three bathrooms. There is one 7 person suite (Jarvis F400) and one 9 person suite (Jarvis C300)

Cook consists of three towers and is made up of suites. The quads have two bedrooms and a common room. The doubles are two room doubles on the first, second, and third floors. The fourth floor has one room doubles. The floors are single gender in each tower.

Goodwin consists of singles and one room doubles. The first floor is male only, the second and third floors are coed and the fourth floor is all female.

Crescent Street Area

Crescent Townhouses consists of 8 and 9 person units comprised of 8 and 9 single occupancy bedrooms, full kitchen/living room, 2 or 3 bathrooms, washer/dryer. These units are centrally air conditioned. The cost to live in the Townhouses as well as the cost of housing outside of Crescent will be announced by the Business Office in April. The Townhouses will be offered in the housing selection two ways, as groups and for individual selection. Most units will be reserved for groups of 8 or 9. Students will have their lottery numbers averaged just as numbers are averaged for any other multiple occupancy room/suite. A limited number of units will be held for individual selections. In other words, students who are not part of a 9-person group will still have an opportunity to select into a townhouse. These Townhouses are COED. If you are looking to select into a townhouse as an individual, please be advised that the townhouse may be coed. ). All residents will be required to carry a meal plan, including seniors. Detailed information regarding meal plans will not available until later in the semester. For more information regarding meal plans contact Chartwells directly.

Stowe offers apartment style living. The units are double occupancy and are made up of one bedroom, bathroom, living area and kitchen. There is one quad available in Stowe and is located on the third floor. It is a 2 bedroom unit. These units are single sex suites and will not be offered as coed suites.

Clemens offers apartment style living. The majority of units in Clemens are double occupancy with one bedroom, bathroom, living area, and kitchen. Clemens also has two quads consisting of two bedrooms, bathroom, living area, and kitchen. These units are single sex suites and will not be offered as coed suites.

Summits: Summit North and South are offered in the housing selection, but Summit East is pre-assigned to students who apply to live in the FRED. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors of Summit N/S are made up of 4-bedroom quads. These suites include a bathroom and living area. The 4th floor has one quad which has 4 bedrooms and living area. However there is no private bathroom within the 4th floor suites. There are singles on the 4th floor in addition to the one quad.