Total cases reported to the college since the COVID outbreak began; updated as of July 17, 2020

On Campus Off Campus
1 4

This count represents our effort to be forthcoming in sharing information about the spread of COVID-19 within the Trinity community. Please note that we are including here the number of confirmed cases of the virus that we know of, either because we have received confirmation from public health officials or from the individuals who test positive. Presumptive cases are not included. Undoubtedly, these numbers will not account for all cases of the virus among our community, as many who become infected will not be tested.

For the purposes of this reporting, the “on campus” number counts positive tests that are confirmed among students, faculty, or staff who are living or working on campus. “Off campus” counts those positive tests occurring among students, faculty, and staff who are not routinely on campus at this time. Please see our message to the community from March 25, 2020, for more about this reporting.