J-Start is an integrated academic, social, and experiential learning ​ experience for students like you who are ready to hit the ground running when they get to college.

Even before you arrive on campus, you’ll be working with an advising team to personalize your course of study and choose your classes. And once​ you arrive on campus in January, your adviser will ensure a smooth transition into your academic life. But your life on campus is about more than academics; it’s about seeing the big picture and getting a jump start on your future. That’s why the J-Start experience is designed—from day one—to pull together everything from your academics to your experiential learning through a supportive and personalized experience.

Intensive Two-Week J-Start Programming Experience

When you arrive on campus, you will immediately embark on an integrated orientation and academic experience with your fellow J-Starts. This includes a .5 credit course (get a jump start on your credits!) that meets daily and hones your writing and reflection skills. You’ll also participate in sessions that will orient you to everything you need to know to be a successful student at Trinity. This includes spending time getting to know Hartford through a variety of activities like community service projects,  food and arts excursions, team building challenges. and other activities designed to get you involved in your new home city. Want to learn more about the orientation experience? Watch the Trinity J-Start video which highlighted the class of 2021’s program.

First-Year Seminar

Just like all first-year students, you will take a first-year seminar, which will be one of your classes during the spring semester. First-year seminars are small, discussion-rich class where students and their professors engage one another and wrestle intellectually with a topic. Your seminar is designed to cultivate curiosity, help you develop research skills,​ introduce you to successful academic habits, and use writing as a mode of learning. The intimacy of a first-year seminar prepares you for becoming an active participant in your own learning, and it fosters a capacity to communicate effectively and collaboratively. Your first-year seminar instructor will be your academic adviser until you declare your major.

Experiential Learning

What you learn inside the classroom is only part of your education. At Trinity, we value experiential learning as a critical component to a full and rich education. When you arrive in January, you’ll have opportunities to get involved in experiential learning early. From community engagement to career experiences, research, and more, you’ll find that gaining real-world insight is an important part of what we do.

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