Our Student Recruitment Ambassadors are here to chat with prospective students! Feel free to connect with them using their emails below. SRAs also lead campus tours, and they’d love to welcome you to Trinity.

Alex Barbosa Gonzalez ’24
Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico
Major: Engineering & Physics
Fun Fact: I lived in India for two years!
Email: alexandra.barbosagonzalez@trincoll.edu

Ashira Biswas ’24
Hometown: Jaipur, India
Major: Economics
Minor: Human Rights
Fun Fact: I am a wildlife photographer.
Email: ashira.biswas@trincoll.edu

Sam Burg ’24
Hometown: Shippensburg, PA
Major: History
Minor: Community Action
Fun Fact: I have hiked the tallest mountain in CT, NY, and PA.
Email: Samuel.burg@trincoll.edu

Chris Cooper ’23
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Major: Studio Arts
Fun Fact: I own two sets of chef’s knives.
Email: christopher.cooper@trincoll.edu

Luz Cumpa Gomez ’24
Hometown: Lima, Peru
Major: Neuroscience
Fun Fact: I have a pug named Harry (middle school me was obsessed with One Direction).
Email: luzmariana.cumpagomez@trincoll.edu

Hermonie Dixon

Hermonie Dixon ’23
Hometown: Bloomfield, CT
Major: Political Science
Fun Fact: I love scary movies.
Email: hermonie.dixon@trincoll.edu

Tara Iyer ’24
Hometown: Mumbai, India
Major: Theatre & Dance and Political Science
Fun Fact: I speak 6.5 languages
Email: tara.iyer@trincoll.edu

Joshua Jacoves ’23
Hometown: Tinton Falls, NJ
Major: Anthropology
Minor: Religious Studies, Jewish Studies, and Community Action
Fun Fact: I do monotype printing at Trinity!
Email: joshua.jacoves@trincoll.edu

Aarti Lamberg

Aarti Lamberg ’24
Hometown: Amherst, MA
Major: Human Rights
Minor: Community Action
Fun Fact: I used to collect Japanese erasers!
Email: aarti.lamberg@trincoll.edu

Tulsi Patel

Tulsi Patel 25
Hometown: Amherst, MA
Major: Political Science & International Studies
Fun Fact: I love sea turtles.
Email: tpatel@trincoll.edu

Lilly Pubillones ’25
Hometown: Madrid, Spain
Major: Biochemistry & Mathematics
Fun Fact: I watched the launch of Discovery in 2005 live from Cape Canaveral!
Email: lilly.pubillones@trincoll.edu

Claire Schrecengost ’25
Hometown: Deland, FL
Major: Sociology
Fun Fact: I have 11 chickens! (including some bantams)
Email: claire.schrecengost@trincoll.edu

Tiana Sharpe ’23 (Head SRA)
Hometown: Chicago Heights, IL
Major: Human Rights & Hispanic Studies
Fun Fact: I have two black cats!
Email: tiana.sharpe@trincoll.edu

Lily Taylor-French ’23
Hometown: Fano, Italy
Major: Economics
Minor: Philosophy
Email: lily.taylor-french@trincoll.edu

Camila Vela ’23
Hometown: Cali, Colombia
Major: Environmental Science
Fun Fact: I love surfing!
Email: camila.vela@trincoll.edu

Lisa Watson ’23
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Major: Biology
Fun Fact: I know how to cook Jamaican food very well!
Email: Lisa.watson@trincoll.edu

Cassidy Willie-Lawes 24
Hometown: Stratford, CT
Major: Psychology & Theater
Fun Fact: I never went to kindergarten.
Email: cassidy.willielawes@trincoll.edu

Sydney Yu 25
Hometown: Beijing, China
Major: Undecided
Fun Fact: I was born in Sydney—thats where my name comes from.
Email: jiani.yu@trincoll.edu