Our Student Recruitment Ambassadors are here to chat with prospective students! Feel free to connect with them using their emails below, or fill out our Connect with a Bantam form! SRAs also lead campus tours, and they’d love to welcome you to Trinity.

Julianna Brown 23
Hometown: Briarcliff Manor, NY
Major: Psychology and Theatre & Dance
Email: julianna.brown@trincoll.edu

Katie Camuso 21
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Major: Psychology
Minor: Rhetoric, Writing and Media Studies
Email: katherine.camuso@trincoll.edu

Annastazia Chin 22
Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica
Major: Theatre & Dance
Email: annastazia.chin@trincoll.edu 

Mia Conte 22
Hometown: Worcester, MA
Major: Political Science & Psychology
Email: mia.conte@trincoll.edu

Ailani Cruceta 22 – Head SRA
Hometown: New York, NY
Major: Public Policy & Law
Email: ailani.cruceta@trincoll.edu 

Reagan Flynn 23
Hometown: Pittsboro, NC
Major: Political Science & Hispanic Studies
Email: reagan.flynn@trincoll.edu

Keane Fajardo 22 – Head SRA
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Major: Human Rights and Sociology
Minor: Community Action
Email: keane.fajardo@trincoll.edu

Casey Habegger 23
Hometown: Scituate, MA
Major: Human Rights
Minor: Formal Organizations
Email: casey.habegger@trincoll.edu

Anastasia Hanifin 23
Hometown: New York, NY
Major: Neuroscience
Minor: French
Email: anastasia.hanifin@trincoll.edu 

Daniel Hernon 23
Hometown: Milton, MA
Major: Economics
Minor: Formal Organizations
Email: daniel.hernon@trincoll.edu

Amelia Huba 22
Hometown: Skaneateles, NY
Major: International Studies & Engineering Science
Email: amelia.huba@trincoll.edu 

Joshua Jacoves 23
Hometown: Tinton Falls, NJ
Major: Political Science & Anthropology
Email: joshua.jacoves@trincoll.edu

Masho Jmukhadze 22
Hometown: Tbilisi, Georgia
Major: International Studies & Economics
Email: mariam.jmukhadze@trincoll.edu 

Audrianna Kelly ’21
Hometown: Staten Island, NY
Major: Political Science and Anthropology
Email: akelly7@trincoll.edu 

Rachel Kyriakides 21 – Head SRA
Hometown: Duxbury, MA
Major: Psychology
Minor: Legal Studies
Email: rachel.kyriakides@trincoll.edu

Olivia Louthen 22
Hometown: North Riverside, IL
Major: Economics and Public Policy & Law
Email: olouthen@trincoll.edu

Dasha Maliauskaya 22
Hometown: Novogrudok, Grodno Region, Belarus
Major: Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies
Email: darya.maliauskaya@trincoll.edu

Ayesha Malik 22
Hometown: Lahore, Pakistan
Major: Political Science & Human Rights
Email: ayesha.malik@trincoll.edu 

Coleman McJessy ’22
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Major: Political Science and Economics
Minor: French
Email: Coleman.mcjessy@trincoll.edu

Daniel Mittelman 21
Hometown: Simsbury, CT
Major: History (pre-med track)
Minor: Biology
Email: daniel.mittelman@trincoll.edu 

Dana Parker 22
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Major: Psychology & Human Rights
Email: dana.parker@trincoll.edu 

Ayanna Platt 22
Hometown: Minnetonka, MN
Major: Educational Studies & English
Email: ayanna.platt@trincoll.edu 

Tiana Sharpe 23
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Major: Human Rights & Hispanic Studies
Email: tiana.sharpe@trincoll.edu 

Joli Smith 22
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Major: Neuroscience
Minor: Philosophy
Email: joli.smith@trincoll.edu 

Jordan Stephan 22
Hometown: South Orange, NJ
Major: Environmental Science & Biology (intended)
Email: jordan.stephan@trincoll.edu

Aurelia Umholtz 22
Hometown: Flagstaff, AZ
Major: Anthropology & Environmental Science
Email: aurelia.umholtz@trincoll.edu

Camille Valentincic 22
Hometown: Lake Bluff, IL
Major: Public Policy & Law and French
Minor: Urban Studies
Email: camille.valentincic@trincoll.edu

Gavin Xu 21
Hometown: Beijing, China
Major: Urban Studies & Political Science
Email: yinjie.xu@trincoll.edu 

Matin Yaqubi 23
Hometown: Kabul, Afghanistan
Major: International Studies & Political Science
Minor: Sociology
Email: mohammad.yaqubi@trincoll.edu