Thank you for tuning in to the Exploring STEM at Trinity webinar! You will find a list of frequently asked questions included below. If you were unable to join the webinar, please watch the recording below to learn more about STEM opportunities at Trinity.

What would a first year engineering schedule look like?

Please jump to 18:38 of our Exploring STEM at Trinity webinar recording.

Are engineering students advised to study abroad? Can it affect their graduation time, or missing out on certain opportunities?

Students are encouraged to study away, as long as they are intentional about their course scheduling during the academic year. More information about study away opportunities can be found here.

Can you please share outcome data for Trinity engineering students, such as percent employed and starting salary at six months after graduation, mid-career salary, etc.?

Information about goals within the Engineering Department can be found here. Please refer to 35:01 in the recording for additional information regarding student outcomes after graduating from Trinity.