Majors and Minors

We offer 41 majors, 28 interdisciplinary minors, and over 900 courses to help you craft exactly the education you’re looking for. If you want an even more independent course, we’ll help you create your own student-designed major. About 15 percent of our students pursue a double major and an additional 25 percent major in an interdisciplinary field (such as neuroscience, international studies, environmental science, or public policy and law). So apply your own creative thinking, and make your education as interesting as you are.

In order to help students choose appropriate entry-level courses for select majors, please refer to this list based on recommendations from the academic department chairs.


American Studies
French Studies Philosophy
German Studies Physics
Art History
Hispanic Studies Political Science
History Psychology
Interdisciplinary Computing Public Policy and Law
International Studies Religious Studies
Classical Studies Italian Studies Russian
Computer Science Jewish Studies Sociology

Language and Culture Studies
(Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese)

Student-Designed Interdisciplinary Major
Educational Studies Studio Arts
Engineering Mathematics Theater and Dance
English Music Urban Studies
Environmental Science Neuroscience Women, Gender, and Sexuality
World Literature and Culture Studies

Individually-Tailored Interdisciplinary Majors

Film Studies
Human Rights Studies

Interdisciplinary Minors

African American Studies Formal Organizations Medieval and Renaissance Studies   
African Studies  French Studies Middle East Studies
Architectural Studies
German Studies Models and Data*
Asian Studies
Human Rights Studies Mythology
Classical Antiquity
Italian Studies Rhetoric, Writing, and Media Studies
The Classical Tradition
Jewish Studies Russian Studies
Cognitive Science
Latin American Studies
Studies in Progressive American Social Movements
Community Action
Legal Studies Urban Studies
Film Studies Literature and Psychology Urban China Studies

 Marine Studies            Women, Gender, and Sexuality
​​* As of 7/1/2019, this minor is phasing out and students may no longer elect it.