Coordinator: Associate Professor Timothy Landry (Anthropology and Religious Studies)

The minor in African studies at Trinity College offers students a glimpse into the dynamism of Africa. Covering all regions of the continent and extending to the African diaspora, the minor provides a wide range of courses in history, political science, philosophy, religion, urban studies, international studies, literature, anthropology, and sociology. By engaging historical and contemporary Africa from an interdisciplinary perspective, students are given the flexibility to tailor their minor to nurture and enhance their intellectual curiosities while gaining a critical understanding of Africa’s political, cultural, and economic diversity as well as its contributions to the making of the modern world.

Course requirements:

An undergraduate student must take six approved courses in four different categories, from three different departments/programs. All courses must be approved by the minor coordinator, who maintains a list of acceptable courses. Students must earn a minimum of C- in any given course to receive credit for the minor.

  • 1 course at the 100 or 200 level that focuses on the experience of Africans in one of the following departments and/or interdisciplinary programs:
    • anthropology
    • history
    • international studies
    • philosophy
    • religion
  • 1 arts-based course at any level that focuses on the arts in Africa from the following departments and/or interdisciplinary programs:
    • art history
    • music
    • theater and dance
  • 2 300-level core courses—The courses must focus on the experience of Africans and be chosen from two different departments and/or programs from among the following:
    • history
    • international studies
    • political science
    • religion
    • sociology
    • urban studies
  • 2 elective courses at any level that focus on the experiences of Africans and/or people of the African diaspora from any relevant department and/or interdisciplinary program.

**Two courses taken while studying away may satisfy minor requirements after consultation and approval by the coordinator. Courses taken in an African language (French, Arabic, Wolof, Zulu, Swahili, etc.) will not count towards the minor.