Centers, Institutes + Resources

When students visit Trinity, they’re undoubtedly struck by the beauty of the campus. What might not be so obvious is the breadth and quality of the academic resources that support learning. Trinity takes great pride in providing both students and faculty with the tools necessary to excel in their particular areas of academic study. For students, this means writing, quantitative, language, research, and other sources that deepen learning. For faculty, resources such as the Center for Teaching and Learning and the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies create opportunities for intellectual exchange that support scholarship and teaching. And for both, the Center for Urban and Global Studies provides a wealth of resources that support Trinity’s urban-global focus. 

Chief among the College’s academic assets is the Raether Library and Information Technology Center, which combines the resources of one of the leading small-college library facilities in the nation with an array of electronic resources. This newly renovated and expanded facility houses the comprehensive College Library, with close to one million books and more than 18,000 periodicals; the Watkinson Library, with its historically significant assets of rare books, manuscripts, and special collections; and Trinity’s Information Technology Services, which offers students and faculty the latest in information and media-related technologies. In addition, Trinity is part of the CTW Library Consortium, an arrangement that allows our students to access the libraries of Wesleyan University and Connecticut College.

Trinity’s academic resources range from individual tutoring and writing support at the Writing Center, to opportunities for deeper subject inquiry through entities such as the Interdisciplinary Science Center.

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