Civic Involvement + Community Building

Annual Community Events Staff (ACES)

ACES organizes most of the major annual community service events on campus, including Halloween on Vernon Street, Thanksgiving Food Basket Drive, Sponsor-A-Snowman, Annual Auction for Charity, Souper Bowl, and SambaFest. 

Fred Pfeil Community Project (The Fred)

Begun at the start of the 2006-2007 academic year, the Fred Pfeil Community Project is a student-run campus living alternative named after beloved Professor of English, Fred Pfeil, who died of cancer in December 2005.  The purpose of The Fred is to create a comfortable and vibrant space for all students to unite social, cultural, and intellectual interests, thereby enriching campus life. Housed in Summit East residence hall, the Fred sponsors weekly Friday night social events (e.g., open mic nights, game nights, movies, improvisational theater, etc.) and about a dozen theme groups, which include a wide range of academic and cultural topics, including feminism, hip-hop, spirituality, radical politics, current events, Scrabble, and cultural awareness.  Each member is expected to be an active member in one of these themes, in addition to being a generally active presence in the Fred community.

January Experience of Living, Learning, and Outreach (JELLO)

Contacts: Maddie Farrar '19 and Cassia Armstrong '18

January Experience of Living, Learning, and Outreach (JELLO) is a community service organization at Trinity College that conducts various services projects in Hartford throughout the year, as well as organizes a weeklong service trip every January.

Lion's Club

The Trinity College Lions Club, chartered in April 2000, is the only college campus Lions Club in New England.  Lions International, since 1917, has served the world’s population through hard work and a commitment to make a difference in the lives of people everywhere. Lions Clubs International is the worlds largest and most active service club organization and are particularly recognized worldwide for their service to the blind and visually impaired. Trinity’s Lion’s Club participates in an organizes a range of service programs, including volunteering at the Berlin Fair, organizing a peace poster project at local middle schools, recycling printer and toner cartridges, collecting old eyeglasses for the visually impaired, and collecting cell phones for a local domestic violence shelter.​


PRAXIS is a residence-based community service program established by and for students with the purpose of creating an environment that actively promotes and engages students in community involvement and building within the residence hall, on campus, and with the Hartford community. Students are housed together in Doonesbury and are expected to do at least 3 hours of community service a week. Applications for PRAXIS are available every spring semester.