Trinity in Vienna

Founded in 2005, Trinity in Vienna offers students the opportunity to study abroad at the University of Vienna, one of Europe’s top institutions of higher learning. The program is offered each spring and is appropriate for students with an interest in Central Europe, with courses offered in English in the disciplines of philosophy, international studies, political science, history, American studies, English, women and gender studies, human rights, economics and more. All students on the program study German; students proficient in German can choose from a full range of university classes.

The City

Vienna has a population of 1.6 million people and it is one of Europe’s historical, cultural, intellectual, and geopolitical centers. As the former showpiece of the Hapsburg dynasty, Vienna is a beautiful city with grand avenues, stately parks, impressive monuments, and ornate baroque buildings. The city has produced many preeminent philosophers and is well known for its famous Vienna Circle, the center of the study of logical positivism, a revolutionary philosophical movement of the 1920s and 1930s.

Vienna’s cultural life features a choice of 50 theaters, three opera houses, 100 museums, and numerous festivals and other attractions. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, Vienna has resumed its role as a bridge between East and West, making Vienna an ideal setting for the study of Central European philosophy, politics, and culture. 


Application Deadlines:

SEPTEMBER 15TH,  2020 - Deadline for Spring 2021

Please note that the Trinity in Vienna application deadline is 2 weeks earlier than all other Trinity programs. The reason is becasue there are early deadlines with the University of Vienna we are subject to.

Late applications will not be considered.​