Each semester, Trinity in Trinidad includes a variety of academic excursions intended to expose students to different areas of the island.  The excursions vary each semester but in the past have included:

Hike through the rainforest with a Shaman 

This  is  nature  field- trip  which  the  priest / shaman of the the First Peoples  community  conducts. He is a Forest  Ranger  by  profession and is  also  a herbalist.  The  trip provides  information on  medicinal plants, wildlife habitats, nature trails and  the  importance of  tropical rain-forests.

    Visit to steelband yards

    This  is  cultural  field  trip. The students visit a couple of the  more  popular  steelbands yards in the country. The steel pan is  the National Instrument and such, a visit  to the panyard  provides close up and in-depth information  on the role and  functions of  each  pan in the orchestra. The  students  can  also  see  the musicians  rehearse  and or  prepare  for a concert. This  ties  in  with  the students'  Caribbean  civilization class pan  class where  they  read  about the evolution  of the   steelband  and   then learn to play a  tune  on the  pan.

      Visit to a traditional religion yard

      This is a visit to  an Orisa worship  ground. Orisa is a belief  system practised by the  Africans  during the period  of  slavery on the island. The  visit provides  first hand  information  on the  deities , rituals  and  accoutrements  associated with the  faith

        Play Mas

        This  is an opportunity to experience the  phenomenon that is Trinidad Carnival on Carnival  Tuesday; to  dance,  costumed in the streets, along with  thousands of  mas players during the course of  the day.

          Visit to the Pitch Lake

          This is  an opportunity to  see the world's largest deposit of natural  asphalt and the world's only  commercial viable  source of  asphalt .

            Attend Calypso Tent

            This visit is  one of the cultural  field trips associated with the  the  compulsory ( Spring Semester) course ' Festival  Arts  as Cultural  performance' It  provides  exposure to the  calypso  tent  atmosphere, the  calypsonians, the  calypsos, the  music, the response of the patrons and  everything associated with this art form.

              Gasparee Caves

              The Caves  are located on  one  of the five  islands off the mainland of Trinidad- Gasparee island . It is a  natural  limestone  cave filled  with stalactites and  stalagmites.  Students take  a ferry to the island and  can  explore  the  island  as well as  the caves.

              See Giant Leather back Turtles

              A  visit  to  see the giant leather back  turtles  nest in the sands of   our   beaches on the  north coast of the island.  These   leather - backs  are  considered the world's 'last  living  dinosaurs' This is a  once - in - a- lifetime opportunity  because  the  leather- back  turtles  are an endangered   species.They travel  thousand  of  miles   every  year  between   May  to July  to the Caribbean to nest in  Grande  Riviere  and  Matura which are  considered the  most  densely  nested  colony  throughout the world. These  turtles  can  weigh  as much  as  half of a small car.