Visiting Students

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be in good academic and social standing at their home institution.
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA required 
  • Have a passport that is valid at least six months beyond the end date of the program.

Required Application Materials

All students must submit the following materials in ordered to be considered:

  • The completed online application
  • Application questionnaire explaining your interest in applying to the program
  • Official college transcript(s)
  • Study abroad advisor recommendation ​

Application Instructions 

Students can find the application materials and apply to a Trinity in Trinidad program by registering as a user in the Trinity College Study Away Student Portal. Please begin by clicking on the link below and following the steps outlined below:​

​ Trinity in Trinidad Student Portal Login

1) Click on "Non-Trinity Students Register" to create an account. Please note that on subsequent visits, once you have registered, you will be considered a "Trinity" student, as far as the system is concerned and should not click on the non-Trinity student button again.

2) Follow the instructions to create a profile and complete the application. 

3) Request that a copy of your official transcript be sent to the Trinity College Office of Study Away (address below). 

Send any hard copy materials (as instructed during the online application process) to:

Trinity College/Trinidad in Trinidad
Office of Study Away
Trinity College
300 Summit Street
Hartford, CT 06106-3100

Application Deadlines

Mar. 15th - Fall sessions

Oct. 5th- Spring sessions