Local University Courses

In addition to the Trinity-taught courses​, all students enroll in 2-3 classes at the University of the West Indies alongside local students. Courses are available in nearly all discliplines, including STEM fields, Music and more. Trinity in Trinidad participants take classes alongside primarily Trinidadian and other West Indian students.  

UWI Courses 

UWI offers a broad array of courses in English appropriate for students from all majors. The seven Faculties that make up the St. Augustine Campus and their academic departments are responsible for the delivery of the university’s degree, certificate and diploma offerings, and Trinity in Trinidad students are eligible to take courses in any of the following "faculties" (departments):

If you have questions about courses or how to navigate the course catalogs above, please contact the Study Away Advisor. Syllabi available upon request.

About the University of the West Indies

The University of the West Indies (UWI) is a top university, supported by and serving 15 different countries in the West Indies. It has three main campuses based in the English-speaking Caribbean: Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago. The UWI St. Augustine Campus​, in Trinidad, was established in 1960 and boasts a modern, attractive campus with  excellent facilities, clubs, and student organizations. 


The St. Augustine Campus currently enrolls approximately 18,000 full and part-time students, and is situated 15 kilometres east of Port of Spain (the nation’s capital). The St. Augustine Campus hosts a vibrant, cosmopolitan community. The campus is distinguished by a mix of early 20th century and modern architecture, as well as rich landscape of indigenous and introduced trees and shrubs.  UWI St. Augustine is a fully accredited higher education institution whose graduates continue to be at the forefront of Caribbean and global thought, imagination and action. The UWI is proud of its network of over 120,000 alumni represented at the highest level of government, corporate and professional life.​