On-Site Faculty + Staff

Onsite Staff and Resources at Fudan University

Foreign Affairs Office, On-Site Staff and Emergency Services ​Coordinator School of Social Development and Public Policy​

Meiyin Zhang

Is the International Student Coordinator for the School of Social Development​ and Public Policy. She is the main administrative contact for students.

On-site Program Coordinator fo International Students School of Social Development and Public Policy

Chancy Liao

​​Academic Director in Shanghai

Professor Jiaming Sun

Recently rejoined the faculty at School of Social Development and Public Policy at Fudan University after teaching at Texas A&M University for the past six years. He was on the Fudan faculty before coming to the United States as a visiting scholar in 1997. He received his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2005.  Professor Sun teaches courses in urban sociology, global sociology, and research methods and is responsible for overseeing students’ academic program and all independent studies.​

Student Coordinators

Trinity students have a student coordinator assigned to their group. These coordinators are here to help students adjust to daily life in Shanghai and at Fudan. They can help students with anything from how to print a paper, to how to get around the Shanghai. These coordinators are great resources for the student’s onsite. The student coordinators meet with the students in orientation and work with them throughout the semester. They work in the international student office at the SSDP (School of Social Development and Public Policy).