Students who choose to do the internship for credit must take both the internship course “Doing Business in China” and facilitate their internship through Fudan. If you decide you do not want credit for your internship, just for experience then you will work with Fudan to facilitate your internship. Even if you find an​ internship on your own you must work with Fudan to facilitate with you and the company you are interning for. This is to ensure that all Chinese laws and regulations around internships are met and the appropriate paperwork is done. 

In the past, students have been placed in NGOs, local companies, think tanks, multinational organizations and more. Internships are intended to help students gain a broader and deeper understanding of Chinese culture, the economy and daily life of Shanghai. 

Internship Process:

If you decide to do an internship there is a very specific process you must complete in China to be authorized to do an internship and have it be legal. This is required and exemptions cannot be made. You must apply for a “Resident Permit” and an “Internship Note” once you are in China. You will have an X2 visa and will need to apply for residency permit to gain multiple entries and to do an internship. Along with the residency permit student must obtain an “Internship Note”. You will apply for both the residency permit and the internship note at the same time. Information on this process is in the Trinity in Shanghai handbook.