Trinity Students

First Thing's First: Submit a Request to Study Away 

Please note that all Trinity College students must first submit a Request to Study Away - and have it approved - prior to applying to study at the Trinity Rome Campus (or any other semester study away program). The steps to study away are listed on the "Getting Started" page of the Office of Study Away website.

Trinity College students planning to apply to a Trinity College Rome Campus program for the Spring 2020 term are required to submit a Request to Study Away no later than August 15, 2019. For Fall 2020, Academic Year 2020-2021 students are required to submit a Request to Study Away no later than Dec 15, 2019.

Required Application Materials

All students must submit the following materials in ordered to be considered:


Application Instructions

Students can find the application materials and apply to the Rome Campus through the Trinity College Study Away online application system. Please begin by clicking on the link below and following the steps outlined below:

Trinity College Rome Campus Student Portal Log-in

1) Click on "Trinity Students Start a NEW Appllication"

2) Click on "Trinity students start a New application" below the map of italy. 

3) Log into the Trinity College Study Away portal with your Trinity email and TCOnline password. (Do not register as a new user).  

4) Complete and submit the Trinity College Rome Campus applciation.