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“I developed incredible relationships with so many people; I learned to be more independent and take initiative; I will miss everything about the Trinity College Rome Program.”​

About the Staff:

“I loved the staff! They were so willing to help us with everything….  They were amazing.”​

“They are incredible. They helped us with whatever we needed. They helped me when I needed to get to the doctor, they made the appointment for me and brought me there. They also helped me plan fun activities for when my family visited me. They gave us great recommendations for places to eat, things to do, and always gave good advice and directions. They made my experience so much better!”

“The staff were wonderful, planning extracurricular activities, giving us the chance to bond and explore the culture."

About the Faculty:

“I loved everything. The professors were so amazing and very willing to be friends just as much as teachers. The program trips were unreal, and the opportunity to foster deep and lifelong friendships with people is something I could never quantify.”

“The professors were amazing and invited us to dinner and had events for us at their houses.”

“I will miss the instructors.”

“You can’t learn the things I learned in textbooks or slides. The importance of being there, seeing it, is something that cannot be substituted.”​

About Course Excursions:

“I went to Florence, Turin, and Naples for class trips. I really enjoyed all of the trips and thought my professors did an excellent job of planning them.”

“I went to Venice for my Urban and Global Rome class and to Torino for Food and Culture. Both excursions were very interesting, and I loved being able to see a different part of Italy and have it apply to my course work.”
“Torino was amazing and so was Brussels and everywhere else the program took us.”

“My course excursions [to Brussels and Venice] were very fun and well organized.”

About Internships:

“It was wonderful. I credit it immensely with boosting my speaking confidence and ability. [The people at my internship] were all very welcoming and kind.”

“It was a great way to interact with local Italians.”