The Trinity College Rome Campus offers a  liberal arts curriculum with courses taught in a variety of disciplines. Many of the courses make use of the resources of the city of Rome.  Where the city  becomes a integral component of the course, where what can be seen and experienced directly is part of the academic experience. 

  •  Subject areas may include Economics, Art History, History, Political Science, International Relations, Italian Language and Culture, Urban Studies, Sociology  and more.
  • Many of the courses are designed with an experiential component in the city at large and present students with the opportunity to become immersed in their host city through site visits, walking tours and academic excursions throughout Rome.
  • Students must be enrolled full-time: a minimum of 4 Trinity course credits (14 credit hours) and a maximum of 5.5 Trinity course credits (19.25 credit hours).
  • All levels of Italian language (beginning, intermediate and advanced) are offered.  Students are placed based in the appropriate language level. 
  • All students must enroll in an Italian language course during the Semester/Academic Year program.
  • In addition to the group excursion offered each semester, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of course-based Academic Excursions to places such as Venice, Florence, Torino and more.
  • Students have the option of participating in a for-credit Academic Internship.
  • Classmates are North American students from the nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities.


Courses are taught by faculty and adjunct professors of the Trinity College Rome Campus.  Visiting faculty from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, may also teach during the Semester/Academic Year and Summer programs.


Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, issues transcripts for all courses taught at the Rome Campus. Most colleges and universities accept Trinity College Rome Campus courses for transfer credit; visiting students should arrange this in advance of the program. Trinity College is on a one credit system. Courses transfer over to other institutions as 3.5 credits. 

Planning for Courses in Rome

Although courses are offered in a broad range of fields in the humanities and social sciences, offerings are extremely limited in some disciplines (sometimes only one course per semester).  Art history, history, and cultural/language studies majors will find many options, but majors in other disciplines will find only one or two courses at most. Please check out our current course offering  by clicking on "Courses by Semester" on the left menu bar. The information  on course offerings is subject to change at any time, please check back for course updates. Students who must take one more courses in their major area of study while abroad should speak with their study abroad advisor about programs that will provide them with more options.​​ 

There is not an add/drop period in Rome. Final course registration will occur before students arrive. Students will register for internships during the on-site orientation​ in Rome.