Financial Overview


Students are billed through Trinity College's Student Accounts Office.The Office of Student Accounts can be reached at 860-297-2027. They can answer any questions about billing. For questions related to the specific costs of the program (what the charges are for), click here  for the “Billing & Fees” ​section or contact the Office of Study Away at (860) 297-2005.

Trinity students: 

  • Trinity students  will be billed by Trinity on the same schedule and in the same manner as if you were on campus.
  • Visiting students must complete “The Financial Responsibility Agreement” form. This can be found in the Rome Campus application. Please send this form directly to the Office of Student Accounts and Loans, Trinity Commons Room III, 300 Summit St., Hartford, CT  06106.
Visiting students: 

  • Visiting students must complete the Financial Responsibility Agreement form (downloadable in the post-acceptance section of your online application), which should be sent directly to the Office of Student Accounts at Trinity College, 300 Summit St., Hartford, CT 06106. Please do not send the form to the Office of Study Away.​Date of Billing: Students will be billed the entire program fee, less the nonrefundable $500 deposit if applicable (unless the deposit has been waived for financial aid reasons) in July (for fall semester) and November (for Spring semester). Bills will be due in August for fall term and December or early January for spring term. All payments must be received and cleared before you arrive at the start of the program.
  • The comprehensive fee, less the nonrefundable $500 deposit, will be due in early August (for the fall semester), mid-December (for spring semester) and by early may for the summer programs.
  • Visiting Students will be billed by the Trinity College Student Accounts Office a one-time $25.00 transcript fee that will entitle students to unlimited transcript production services.
  • All payments must be received and cleared before you leave for Rome.
  • Any collection costs incurred by the College will be assessed to the student attending the program.

 Financial Aid

Trinity students:

  • Trinity Students should contact Doug Haddad in the Office of Financial Aid to discuss their financial aid packages. You can also make an appointment through the online appointment system at​

Visiting students: 

  • There is no Trinity sponsored financial aid available for visiting students but you should consult with your home campus financial aid office for information relevant to your situation.​
  • If you expect financial aid from your home institution to be sent to Trinity to pay some or all of your bill, notify the Student Financial Aid Office, Trinity College, 300 Summit Street, Hartford, CT 06106 in writing that this will be the case (please send this along with the financial responsibility agreement form). Include a copy of your financial aid award letter from your home school for the semester. If you or your parents wish to use a payment plan, you must contact the Student Financial Aid Office at Trinity at (860) 297-2046 to make appropriate arrangements with that office.​

Cancellation Policy​
Trinity College’s Office of Study Away Withdrawal and Refund Policy

I. Notice of Voluntary Withdrawal
Notice of voluntary withdrawal from a Trinity College study away program must be made by the traveler, in writing, ad sent electronically, to the respective study away advisor in the Trinity College Office of Study Away (OSA). The date of withdrawal will be determined by the date on which the OSA receives notice. 

II. Refunds
a. Refunds can only be made to the person whose name appears on the student account; payments cannot be transferred to another account. 
b. In order to qualify for refunds in accordance with Trinity College’s standard cancellation policy, the students account must be up to date.
c. Students who withdraw from their study away program (voluntarily or per college requirement) after confirming their participation on the program will forfeit the $500 deposit and any other expenses incurred by the program on their behalf.  This amount will be charged to the student’s account.
d. Students who are required by Trinity College to withdraw from the program for disciplinary reasons after the start date will not receive any refund. 
e. Room, meal and excursion charges may be partially refundable depending on the program and when official withdrawal occurs. 
f. International insurance is refundable for remaining days left of the program after official withdrawal occurs.
III. Refund Schedule
If official withdrawal occurs after classes begin, the following schedule reflects the amount of tuition and fees that will be refunded:
First and second week   80%
Third week                         60%
Fourth week                      40%
Fifth week                          20%
After fifth week                0%
Wherever possible, the Trinity College Study Away Withdrawal and Refund Policy reflects the college’s refund policy on campus ( ).