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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the questions most frequently asked by accepted​ students and their parents.  Please refer to the "Trinity College Rome Campus Handbook" for more information​ on your semester in Rome. 

When are spring/fall break and long weekends so that I can plan travel or to have visitors?​ 
​For the fall 2018 term the fall break is October 27-November 3, 2018. Important Note:  Do NOT book personal travel before the start of term. Students will be informed when they are able to book travel after they arrive on the program and have received their appointment at the Office of Foreigners to obtain their Permesso di Soggiorno.   ​Attendance is required for the group and course excursions. If family members are planning to visit for times other than the week-long break, make sure that they schedule to be there long enough to spend time with you if you are gone for a Friday-Sunday while they are there. Excursions are never on consecutive weekends, so if they are there for a full week, they will be able to spend time with you even if there is an excursion during one weekend of their visit. 

I'm arriving early, or my family is planning to visit, are there recommended hotels near campus?
​Yes, please contact the Trinity Rome Campus coordinator for this information. 

When will I find out whether I will be living in the convent or the hotel and whether I will have a roommate?
Housing preferences or requests are NOT guaranteed.  You will be placed and notified of your housing location before the start of the semester.   

Do I need to bring pillows/blankets/linens/towels?
​These are all provided, but we do recommend packing an easily compressed blanket (microfiber or down throw) and a large towel (those provided are small). There is an IKEA in Rome, and some students will go to get other things that they feel they need, but most students report that what was provided was fine. Please see the "Housing and Meals" section in the Trinity College Rome Campus Handbook for more details.

Do I need special health insurance?
Trinity provides (as part of the comprehensive fee for the program) excellent international medical insurance. Students should maintain whatever insurance they have in the U.S. so that there are no gaps in coverage, but they do not need to acquire additional insurance on their own.  

I am vegetarian/vegan or have other dietary restrictions. Will this be a problem? 
Please list any dietary restrictions and allergies in your health form. The Trinity College Rome Campus is able accommodate most students dietary needs.