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Arrival Information


Students are expected to arrange their schedules in order to be present for the program orientation and the first and last day of class. Program start and end dates fluctuate from year to year, so please refer to the program dates at the front of the program handbook. Exceptions to this policy will be made on a case by case appeal basis and may only be considered if schedule conflicts relate to extraordinary personal circumstances (i.e. serious illness or death in family) or mandatory school-related commitments (i.e. student research presentations, high-level athletic competitions, etc.). In order to be considered, appeals must be accompanied by official documentation of extraordinary circumstance.

Adherence to this policy has academic implications as Trinity College requires each study away program to provide a minimum number of weeks, days and contact hours per semester.


  • Students must arrive on the start date of the program. The on-site orientation begins that first day at 1pm so students should arrive at the airport no later than 10am to ensure that they have enough time to get to campus for orientation. Orientation is mandatory and students may not be late.
  • Students arriving on the program start date who have uploaded their flight itinerary into their Rome application will be met at the airport by program staff and assisted with getting a taxi to the Trinity campus.  

  • Students should be sure to have euros with them to pay for the taxi.

  • Students who either do not provide their flight information or choose to arrive before the program start date will not be met at the airport and will be responsible for getting their own way to the Trinity campus for the mandatory orientation.​


  • ​During the first week of the program, the program director and other program staff will provide you with a comprehensive on-site orientation that will give you information on your program location, culture, academics, internships and health and safety. Through group outings and discussions, students are introduced to the host country and provided with tools for a safe and successful Semester. Orientation is also a time to review program objectives and develop relationships within the student group. ​