Sports + Culture

Students are encouraged to make the most of their time in Paris by taking advantage of the multitude of options for immersion into the culture and the Trinity staff are more than happy to help students in this pursuit to compliment what is already offered through the program.

Internship/Community Engagement

 The Trinity in Paris program  has some internship and community engagement options available to interested students.  These are optional but are for credit, based on approval from the Paris faculty.  
Please see the Academic section for more details.

Volunteer opportunities

Motivated students are encouraged to consider volunteering in some capacity to gain a more in depth perspective on the country and the culture.  There are many opportunities available for those who speak French and those who do not and the Trinity staff can assist students in finding something they are intersted in.

Program Excursions

There are several excursions throughout the semester, that are part of the program, to give students a broader perspective and appreciation for French history and culture.  They can vary each semester but in the past have been to Giverny/ La Roche Guyon, Normandy, and the Loire Valley, to name a few. 

Home Stay

Students with at least two semesters of college level French are strongly encouraged to live with a French family for the semester.  This opportunity provides students with a unique insight into French society and culture, enabling them to see and experience things not available through apartment living.  Additionally, for those seeking to bring their language skills to a higher level, there is no better way to do this than by living with a family and speaking the language all the time.  The benefits are enormous.


Joinging a gym or sports team not only keeps you fit but it is also a great way to meet Parisians with a similar interest.

For those students who want exercise in addition to all the walking that is done daily around the city, there are gyms available to join.  For those interested in team sports, there is a co-ed lacrosse team that plays one night a week and there is an international ice hockey team that students can join.  Squash players can join a club and there are also courts available at the Club Med gym.