Housing + Meals


Students on the program either live in apartments or home stays. We are able to accommodate homestays for students at all language levels. Trinity College works with an organization called Comforts of Home, who secures housing for Trinity in Paris students. 
After being accepted to the program, students will complete a housing questionnaire and will be assigned an apartment or home stay family accordingly.
The apartments and home stays are located throughout the city and belong to private individuals who rent their properties on a short-term basis. As a result, the apartments are located all over the city and vary in size and condition but are all located in central Paris, in safe neighborhoods. 

To see a Google map marked with all the addresses of residences used by Trinity in Paris, please visit this link.


Students living in apartments are responsible for their own meals and are provided with small kitchens in the apartments which typically have a stove top or hot plate, small fridgerator , sink, pots , pans and eating essentials.

Students living in home stays with French families receive a continental breakfast each morning and 3 dinners per week and are responsible for all remaining meals.