Office, Faculty + Staff

Trinity Academic Director, Subithra Moodley-Moore

Dr. Subithra (Sibs) Moodley-Moore is a native of South Africa and spent many years in the United States, including as a professor at Trinity College in Hartford.  She has been the Faculty Coordinator of the Trinity in Cape Town program since it's inception in 1998.   Sibs is a Trinity-appointed faculty member who teaches the program’s core course, as well as  overseeing the internships and independent studies. She assists students throughout their time in Cape Town with academic and cultural matters.

ISA Resident Director, Ouma Mpela

Ouma and the other ISA staff in Cape Town compliment the academic responsibilities of the Trinity Academic Director by providing students support services throughout the semester.  Ouma Mpela, ISA Cape Town Resident Director, is available at all times, and along with the resident staff will manage the housing, conduct the on-site orientation, lead excursions, arrange tutoring, provide support during the enrollment process, assist in course registration, and provide overall student support as needed . The ISA office is located on Main Road in Rondebosch, close to the Nest apartments so students can stop in whenever they have a chance. During the normal office hours, students will gather for regular meetings with the Resident Director, find out about upcoming excursions, learn about activities and cultural events, and utilize academic and travel resources.