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  • Trinity in Buenos Aires is a "hybrid program," meaning that students enroll in both courses taught on-site by Trinity College faculty and directly enroll in courses at local universities, where they study alongside local students.
  • All students enroll in the Trinity in Buenos Aires core course, "Buenos Aires: Human Rights and Cultural Production," taught by Trinity Faculty-in-Residence Maria Silvina Persino. This course uses the city as a springboard and laboratory to explore and test ideas and questions, integrating events happening in the city (festivals, performances, exhibits, community initiatives), as well as specific sites (cultural centers, ethnic neighborhoods, museums, monuments, spaces of memory) into the curriculum.
  • All students are required to enroll in an immersive community engagement internship or volunteer placement for credit. Placements include museums, human rights organization, schools, government and community service organizations.


Local University Courses

Universidad Católica Argentina

Located on the Río de la Plata, Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA) is just a few blocks from the bustling downtown area and the convenient subte. Each modern campus building is connected by underground passage ways, which make for a quick walk to class. The small campus and class size allow students to find their own personal niche in the big city. Modern amenities and the latest technology provide many of the same comforts found on any U.S. university campus. Courses are worth 1.0 Trinity credits.

Universidad de Buenos Aires

An enormous state university, Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) has nearly 300,000 students attending classes at facilities scattered throughout Buenos Aires. As the oldest public university in Argentina, UBA is also one of the most challenging and requires a great deal of independence. The diverse student body and faculty at UBA create a memorable experience for dedicated IFSA-Butler students who welcome the academic challenge UBA offers. Courses are worth 1-2 Trinity credits. 

Universidad del Salvador

The Universidad del Salvador (USAL) resembles a U.S. university in the diversity and structure of its curriculum. This private university has a small student body and a commitment to personalized education, so the atmosphere is nurturing. Despite the fact that USAL is a true urban university with faculties spread over a wide area, the university offers a sense of community. Connect with your fellow students by checking into the range of sports teams and activities available. Courses are worth 1.0 Trinity credits.

Universidad Torcuato Di Tella

The Universidad Torcuato Di Tella (UTDT) is one of the top private universities in Argentina. All faculty members are full-time, and they have studied at universities in either the United States or European Union. This allows students to learn course material through a unique perspective. Thanks to its reputation as a small and highly selective school, UTDT draws students from throughout South America. Courses are worth 5 U.S. semester credit hours. This university is not open to students in the Intensive Spanish concentration.