As part of the Trinity in Barcelona: Summer Language and Culture program, students are automatically enrolled in two courses:

Intensive Language and Culture in Barcelona (BARC 227)

The summer program includes an intensive Spanish course able to be directed toward each students language goals.  This course is designed to improve the grammatical and conversational skills of students who have taken some high school or college Spanish.  It can also be tailored for students with more intensive language experience to improve on existing skills.  

Prof. Ana Zaragoza (1 Trinity credit = 3.5 credit hours)

The Alchemy of Identity: Culture, Planning and Civil Society in Barcelona, 1850-2000 (BARC 248) 

This course is an interdisciplinary exploration of the ways in which the city of Barcelona has created and maintained its unusually vibrant artistic and civic culture during much of the past 150 years of its existence. Besides studying the work of the city's more important contemporary artists, artistic movements, and cultural institutions (Gaudí, Miró, Picasso, Marsé, Mendoza; Modernisme, Noucentisme; the Liceu and, yes, the Barcelona Football Club), we will analyze the city's long and highly conscious tradition of culture planning, which has done so much to make this history of civic and artistic innovation a reality. Whenever possible, the history of creating a sustainable urban culture in Barcelona will be compared with that of Hartford and other U.S. urban centers. This course is taught in English. Meets Trinity College Humanities and Global Distribution Requirements.

Prof. Thomas Harrington (1 Trinity credit = 3.5 credit hours).



Courses are taught by faculty and adjunct professors of Trinity in Barcelona and are approved as a regular part of Trinity College’s undergraduate curriculum. Visiting faculty from the Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, may also teach during the Semester/Academic Year and Summer programs.


Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, issues transcripts for all courses taught at the Trinity in Barcelona. Most colleges and universities accept Trinity inBarcelona courses for transfer credit; visiting students should arrange this in advance of the program.

Academic Policies 

Students participating Trinity College Summer Study Away programs remain fully registered at Trinity, and credits and grades earned overseas on these programs are granted on the same basis as those obtained on campus. Depending on the program, students can earn up to two Trinity credits during summer study away (7 credit hours). Students must enroll and complete all courses required for their program. ​

Course Registration 

All students participating in the Trinity in Barcelona Summer program are automatically enrolled in two courses: BARC 227 and BARC 233.


Add/drop is not permitted during Trinity in Barcelona Summer sessions.

Course Withdrawal

Withdrawal from a Trinity College Study Away summer course once on-site is NOT permitted except in the case of serious illness or family crisis. No refunds will be issued.​​​​​