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Year/Semester Study Away

Trinity College takes a global view of learning, so both international study abroad and domestic study away options are available and encouraged for interested students.  Over 60 percent of Trinity students study away from campus at some point during their undergraduate career. We’ve selected and approved a broad range of programs so that every  eligible Trinity student can take advantage of a summer or semester studying off campus while staying on track for major, minor and graduation requirements.  There are program options to fit all needs and interests, even sciences and engineering, and the staff in the Office of Study Away will assist you in planning an experience to complement your studies in Hartford. 

Trinity College Study Away Programs

Trinity College has developed and administers nine study away locations that enable students to gain valuable experience in key urban and global cities around the world. Through a Trinity-directed semester or year-long program of study that includes a core course, electives, and an internship, independent study, or community service project, students come to appreciate unique historical and cultural perspectives. Our Rome campus, New York City performing arts partnership, and seven international program sites are Trinity-designed study abroad programs taught by a combination of Trinity faculty and local university professors:

Open to Trinity College and visiting students:

Trinity in Barcelona (Fall, Spring, Academic Year, Summer)

Trinity/La MaMa Performing Arts Program in New York City​ (Fall only)

Trinity in Paris (Fall, Spring, Academic Year)

Trinity College Rome Campus (Fall, Spring, Academic Year, Summer)

Trinity in Trinidad (Fall, Spring, Academic Year)

Trinity in Vienna (Spring only)

Open to Trinity students only:

Trinity in Cape Town (Fall, Spring, Academic Year)

Trinity in Shanghai (Fall, Spring, Academic Year)

Approved External Programs​

In addition to the nine programs administered by Trinity College, there are approximtely 90 other programs, both international and domestic, that are administered through other organziations but approved by the college for transfer credit.  These programs are carefully vetted to ensure they meet the high standards of the college for academic rigor and student support. 

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