Integrating Seminar

New York City possesses some of the most vibrant, innovative, and influential arts offerings in the world. This course places the weekly performances and arts events, practice classes, and field studies in a historical and theoretical context as we examine the development of performance from the late 1960s to the present day. The seminar looks at the traditions from which contemporary expressions emanate with particular focus on content, approach, and aesthetics. Emphasis will be placed on how to effectively discuss and articulately write about the semester experiences.

"The conversations held in our daily seminar and our (almost) nightly show viewings made every minute of my time in NYC more valuable than any art history class could ever convey. Learning first hand the experiences of performers before me and learning ways to approach performance more fearlessly, the La MaMa program successfully progressed my artistic style. I came in an unsure dancer, I left a confident performer."
-Modesto Acosta 10’ Trinity/La MaMa alumna